What is the Silver Elite account?

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Whether you play with the pro-gamers on Global Elite servers or you are stuck at Silver, ranks are important in CS: GO, and they can be hard to achieve and maintain. Therefore, comprehending the ranking system of CS: GO is an essential key to finding how good you are, what things you must work on to move higher in the ranks.

We know that every gamer can’t climb to the dizzying heights of Global Elite, but certain players reach it, so can you. Remember that the skill gap between the average ranks is huge among pro players and noobs. To be honest, today’s Elite ranks were yesterday’s noobs. Thus, in order to improve yourself as a CS: GO player and your ranks, you need to understand the ranking system in the start with Silver account and moves further to Silver Elite to Global Elite.

Let us be honest that this journey is not easy. As it happens in competitive games, you will have a roller coaster ride of emotions as you move higher with your Silver account with every win or remain stuck with a few losses.

The very first time you boot up in CS: GO, you don’t get any rank. The CS: GO gamers are expected to jump into the casual servers in order to learn the ropes before you can commit to a ranked match. Whether you want it or not, you can’t join and play a ranked match because every new gamer needs to reach Private Rank 2 for the purpose.

To set your foot, you need to play online matches in numerous modes of CS: GO, whereas the Deathmatch is a good stage to begin. In the Deathmatch, you will be able to use various weapons from various spawns each time you are killed. In this regard, Casual matches are also good because they have the same rules of competitive matches while there are more gamers on every team.

As soon as you have collected enough XP to enter level two, you are ready to join competitive matches through the matchmaking menu. During this phase, you will be required to play ten competitive matches; as a result, you will be awarded your first CS: GO rank known as Silver I. This is the beginning of your Silver Elite account. Here, you will face opponents of different ranks, so you must be ready to play hard at times.

So, the Silver account is related to new gamers with a low grip with the game’s mechanics. Generally, there is a lack of plan and communication, and this lack can hamper gamers trying to improve their skills. Another serious challenge for the Silver account is the presence of smurfs.

In CS: GO, Silver Elite is the second-highest rank. Thus, it is a decent rank for new gamers, and it indicates that you are on your way upward in the universe of Counter Strike. Also, it is your entry into the matchmaking menu. You may take up to between 10 and 40 matchmaking games to reach the Silver Elite account.

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