How do increase ELO in CSGO?


There has alwasy been big discussions about the matchmaking and ELO system in Counter Strike: Globa Offensive. In today’s post, we will talk about ELO system in detail.

ELO refersto to the evaluation of a player’s skills based on his or her performance in the play. In the majority of PvP online games, different ELO systems are employed; it was originally used in chess.

Glicko-2 is aso a rating system employed in CS:GO just like ELO; however, it is much deeper with two additional variables that are as follows:

Ratings Deviation (RD) Variable

It defines how much a gamer moves away from his or her actual rank. The more play means more RD value. Thus, if you are inactive for a considerable time, oyur RD value will go down.

Rating Volatility (RV) Variable

It defines how consistent a gmaer is.

Valve emplys standard values and adds more numbers and qualities to the overall design and calculation of the gamerds to be precise. Glicko-2 ELO system is the base wheras Valve has many more things that makes CS: GO a highly complicated game with many facets to consider. However, the majority of pointers in calculative system are Valve’s secret, which we can guess based on personal gaming experience and views of other pro gamers.

Valve is very picky about giving info to the CS gamers in order to discourge them from manipulating the whole system.

According to Vitaliy Genkin, a CS:GO Developer, for competitive, they have built a CS:GO specific competitive ranking system wich expressively unique and more complicated than ELO. It is based on Glicko-2 rating model that they improved with the passage of time. All of the calculations are carried out on matchmaking backend and numerous matchmaking standards describe a scientific set of rating variables of gamers to represent them according to their skill group.

It is serious challenge for Valve to prevent gamers from the sole objective of simply playing for the uprank. If they focus on uprak, they lay emphasis on winning that compromises the quality of teamplay and having fun in the game. Moreover, they foil the CS:GO community from boosting where pro gamers allow low-skiled gamers to rech high ranks faster. This causes troubles in overall matchmaking system. Thus, there are many fair reasons Valve to use the ELO Rating System in CS:GO.

ELO rating promotes fair and balanced games since it ensure you to queue with the gamers of the same skill level. As a result, it promotes high-quality gaming experience and equal opportunity for both teams to win.

With matchmaking ranks, gamers can see better progress, or elese they will not be able to evaluate if they are good or not.

The ranks promote the competition inside the community, and every gamer can actively participate to get better in the game.

Ranks are also good for the comparision of oneself with other gamers and play with the ones with the same skill level.

The ELO rating system in CS:GO keeps the community inside the game since it is loads of work to get a high ranks. As a result, players are more likely to play.

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