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Since the last decade, the counter strike has been the insanely popular fps games. To improve its user and gamer base, it released the CSGO or the Counter-strike Global Offensive.  

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So what are these CSGO Prime Accounts? Prime Accounts enable you to play matches in the prime matchmaking pool, and you receive ranks for your matchmaking. The account is linked to your mobile number and thoroughly verified once you reach the level of private rank 21. With these Prime accounts, you get special benefits and ranking in your CSGO games.

Why is CS GO Smurf Kings the best Prime Account provider in the gaming industry?

  • Verified and trusted 
  • When it comes to gaming, breach of data is quite easy and also very common. Similarly, tricks and hacks can be used to improve rankings and the benefits that come with high ranks. To prevent this from happening, we cross-check and verify every user account and also temporarily disable inactive accounts. We ensure that there is no third-party software used for boosting. 

  • Instant delivery
  • The waiting time between purchasing your prime account and actually beginning to use it is an excruciating one. We ensure that your account details and benefits are delivered to your provided email address as soon as your purchase has been completed. Once the purchase reflects on our system, we activate your CS GO Prime account. 

  • 24/7 Support
  • We understand that technical difficulties and queries can arise at any time of the day while using your CSGO Prime Accounts. To prevent long wait times and provide quick solutions, our customer support team is available round the clock via email and live chat to answer your questions and address any concerns. 

  • 100% Feedback
  • Absolute customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. Our customers and gamers can leave behind any feedback on our feedback forms or our customer support platform. We guarantee that this feedback is delivered to our CSGO designers, and we duly make changes according to them. Your feedback is of utmost significance to us. 

  • Economical 
  • CSGO Smurf Kings provides some of the cheapest and most economical Prime accounts. Gamers do not have to spend extra on purchasing additional keys and benefits as the Prime account includes several offers. Moreover, we also offer introductory offers to our new gamers and a short free trial game.

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    Enjoy all the features of CSGO Prime Accounts immediately after purchase. All our CSGO Accounts are ready for instant matchmaking and addition into ranks. Unlock more advanced features once you reach the level of private rank 21. 

    Some of our highly sought after CSGO Prime features are:

    • Instant delivery, free customer support for a lifetime, and guaranteed benefits and returns. Enjoy a complete refund if you do not enjoy the exclusive features of CS:GO 
    • Economical rates, no additional charges later on, and 24/7 customer service available round the clock. You will not have to pay extra for unlocking additional gifts and features. Every boosting aspect of the game is available within the CSGO Prime package. 
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    Our CSGO Account are ready for instant use and ranked games

    CSGO Prime Accounts supplied by CSGO Smurf Kings are completely safe and secure for ranked games at any point in time. Gamers can begin using the account as soon as the purchase has been completed. We offer a variety of CSGO accounts, and you can weigh the pros and cons of each and purchase the one which is most suitable for you. 

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    With its excellent services and economical rates, CSGO Smurf Kings has built a name for itself in the gaming industry. Our positive ratings and reviews have brought us as far we have come, and thus, we priorities our customers. 

    Here are some reasons why you must choose the CSGO Prime account from CSGO Smurf Kings.

    • Instant delivery

    The gaming site provides immediate and instantaneous delivery of the CSGO account to your email within minutes of your purchase. You do not have to wait for the admin to be online. As soon as the purchase is made and reflected in our system, your CSGO Prime Account is activated. Our instant delivery service is available round the clock.

    Our system is known for its perfect delivery services thanks to the botted system we use to deliver all account orders right on time. When it comes to delivery speed, few smurf websites can beat us! We are proud to be known as the fastest CSGO Smurf website in the gaming industry.

    • Free lifetime warranty

    Where else will you be able to Buy CSGO Prime Accounts and get a lifetime warranty at no extra cost? Only at CSGO Smurf Kings. We understand that there can always be malfunctions and problems with gaming accounts. To provide our customers with the best customer support services, we provide a free lifetime warranty with a CSGO Prime Account purchase. You can contact us at any time of the day via email or live chat. We typically resolve issues within 24 hours. Our customer support team ensures that your account is up and running in no time!

    • Genuine accounts

    When it comes to gaming, it is easy to get scammed when you are purchasing CSGO Accounts. It is difficult to distinguish between genuine accounts and fake ones. To prevent this from happening, we try our best to make our transactions and accounts as secure as possible. We only provide accounts that are boosted by the official CSK team. We do not make any purchases from third parties. Our account buying process is extremely safe. You can check out our reviews and ratings on Trustpilot as well. 

    • Variety of CSGO accounts

    We offer a wide variety of CSGO Prime Accounts, ranging from CSGO Gold Nova Accounts, CSGO Silver Accounts, CSGO Legendary Eagle Accounts, and many more. You can head onto our website and choose the account most suitable for your gaming requirements. 

    Where to Buy CSGO Prime Accounts

    You can purchase CSGO Prime Account online for a low price and begin your higher level CSGO career. This gives you an incredible possibility of moving ahead in the game. You can pick accounts that are at different positions, that have various kinds of skin, those with the most success proportion and substantially more. It is very much like looking for your custom CSGO account.

    You can get the new accounts as per your choice, once you finalise the account, you will be prompted to make the payment by sending the account details to your email id. It is 100% safe and secure. Once you make the payment, your gaming career will start in Counter-Strike and you will reach to a new higher level.

    A Prime Account is the one which has already crossed hours of game play. It is the one which has covered so much activity and surpassed a long winning streak. So, all you need to do is to pay for it, grab the account of your choice and start gaming.

    In the end the conclusion is that, getting a Prime CSGO Account will save a lot of time and tons of energy. You will also get the higher-level teammates who are like professional game players and playing along with them makes the day perfect. So, all you need to do is tospend a few bucks and grab a CSGO, that will help you cross all those hackers and cheaters and help you play the game with lot of fun.

    What are CSGO Prime Accounts

    CSGO prime records will give a headstart. You need not go through hours on acquiring that position or those skins and weapons. You can simply get one of these superb records and save yourself from investing long periods of time and huge loads of energy on procuring the benefits referenced previously.

    You can purchase the CS GO prime record which has your preferred position. Additionally, by getting one of these superb records you can avoid all the hacking that you may experience will beginning in the game. You can liberate yourself from every one of the programmers and miscreants who take the delight of gaming.

    Another benefit of purchasing a great record is that you can include yourself in better matchmaking. You can collaborate with better partners and you can hoist your level and simultaneously, you will wind up having a more prominent undeniable level gaming experience.

    Benefits of Buying A CSGO Prime Account

    You may have defeated Call of Duty, and it may be presently sitting inside a drawer, but you will never be able to put Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) away! There are infinite variations to how the game pans out; that is, you can play this adventurous game for eternity!

    CSGO never gets tedious. There are eight game modes to select, and your fellow teammates and opponents are real fellow gamers, so there will always be a distinct ending to each game! 

    It is a never-ending voyage and one that will enhance your gaming skills rapidly without you even realizing it. So, don't you think it would be great to play this happening game with a prime account?

    Wondering why? Well, here is your answer!

    Boons Of Buying A CSGO Prime Accounts

    Here is the list of benefits that you can acquire by purchasing a CSGO prime account

    • You can save your precious time and energy.
    • You can begin with a high rank without any feat.
    • Also, these accounts are inexpensive. Even the small amount you spend on these Prime accounts is worth every penny.
    • You will get to have excellent enemy opposition. Having an equally skilled foe will make the game more joyous and thrilling.
    • You start with all those incredible skins, projectiles, and costumes already acquired.
    • Having a decent rank and growth will provide you with good matchmaking.
    • You will have competent teammates. So, you can evade all those games with noob participants.
    • You can set yourself free from all the cyberpunks and cheaters who ransack the exhilaration of gaming in the initial stages.
    • CSGO Prime Accounts give all players a head start. Prime correspondingly gives you skin drops, weapon cases, Prime-exclusive souvenir items, and admission to play in all Community servers. 
    • • CSGO Prime smurf accounts should naturally be actuated once you arrive at the obtained level or if you purchase the redesign.

    Purchase CSGO Prime Account, CSGO Smurf Account and CS GO Rank Accounts from a trustworthy online resource like CSGO Smurf Kings. We have instant and auto-delivery accessible every day. All records are funded by our own acknowledged and trusted Private sponsors. 

    We never buy accounts from immoral random vendors. We have sold several records with the best price around on the planet. We realize the value of money and don't burden our clients with unbelievable price tags. We never employ any foreign software to lift positions. If you buy a record from us, you will get your details immediately. 

    So what are you waiting for? Buy CSGO Prime today and show the rest of the world what you are worthy of like never before!

    Here is the rundown of benefits that you can get by purchasing a CSGO prime record:

    • You can save your significant time and energy.

    • You can begin with a higher position with no efforts.

    • Your skins, weapons and costumes that are already obtained, will not be lost.

    • Once you attain rank and progress you will get a better matchmaking to play the games.

    • You will have better partners. So, you can keep away from each one of those games with noob players.

    Apart from having better teammates, you will also get equally skilled opposition. Having an opponent of same level will make the game more fun and more thrilling.

    As we are offering the prime accounts for a very cheap price, the amount of money that you spend is going to be worthable for the time that you spend in playing the game.

    Assuming you are searching for some CSGO Prime Accounts available to be purchased, you are in the correct spot. We will tell you how to get one for yourself and move to the next level of your gaming life. You can get them at a moderate price and not just you are liberated from extortion players but you are additionally getting players who can match yourself.

    The most satisfying thing from getting a CSGO account that you as of now have each one of those coins, chests, skins, weapons and significantly more. You additionally start with some money which you can use to purchase more stuff. By getting modest CSGO prime, you can move upto the next level with no hassles.

    If you lose your progress of the game due to any issue, you need to begin all over again and try to acquire every one of the things you lost. But if you buy one of the modest CSGO Prime Account by putting in a couple of bucks then you can get the majority of the things back. These bucks are unquestionably great instead of investing huge loads of time and energy on getting it back. There is a great deal of CSGO Prime Accounts available to be purchased.