By purchasing any product on CSGO Smurf Kings the buyer must accept all the Terms & Conditions stated below :


All the games are the property of their respective owners and logos and trademarks belong to them, we only sell the ranks and play hours for different games and one must be aware that all account details provided by us are subjected to a restriction against change in USERNAME. You can change email id and password for the account anytime and a number of times.

We are not responsible in case of reselling of account bought from us.

Payment Gateway: We are using 3RD party services to accept payment from websites refer as the payment gateways if any problem arises during the payment process should be resolved by the payment provider. We are only responsible for the error from our end and your product will only be sent after the confirmation of payment received in case of both manual and automatic delivery systems.

Chargeback: By agreeing to these terms and conditions one simply accepts that there is no physical delivery required and the product is virtual items, he or she is content with the product bought by him/her and may not be able to chargeback anytime in near future. In case of any problem with account details simply contact us via live chat we will resolve it asap.

Taxes: There may be individual tax rules for different payment systems according to the transaction fees the rates mentioned with the product are excluded with taxes. All the products are subjected to taxation according to Indian rules and regulations and Some Transaction fee / Currency Conversion charges may be charged by Gateway provider.

Legal: All the legal matters should be resolved as per the direction of the Hong Kongs legal system.

Delivery: Account will be sent only after the successful payment done by you which can be seen as payment accepted in email or at order history.
(Email Delivery will be there by the automated delivery system and Order History is Also Available)


Refund Policy

Once payment is done money shall not be refunded at all.

If you play any game on the account then you are not eligible to ask for refund or replacement over the ordered account.

The buyer can request for replacement of account within 12 hours Maximum (no information of account should be changed) in case the account doesn’t consist of the rank/items promised while making the purchase.

Card holder is himself responsible for security of his card, our company shall not bear any loss if unauthorized transactions take place.

Please note that warranty is not applicable if you played with the account provided by us even for checking.

We will not refund in case of
• Vac ban
• Account lock
• Account suspension

Refund and chargeback are not allowed and won’t be entertained after you purchase the product from us.

Any dispute raise by the customer after 12 hours of delivery of products, we are not liable to entertain them and we are not liable to pay or give any kind of refund on chargebacks

Before purchasing make sure what you are buying as once you purchased then refund or replacement of that product is not allowed.