How to Quickly Reach Snowmen Locations in GTA 5 to Unlock Snowman Outfit?

Snowman Locations GTA

GTA 5 is here with a winter update adding the much-anticipated snow theme to the game’s virtual and customised world.

An army of snowmen has formed around Southern San Andreas with the overnight snowstorm, and destroying them will reward you with $125,000 cash and a snowman outfit in GTA 5.

So, if you want free money, we’ve included a complete overview of how to quickly reach the snowman locations in GTA 5 to ensure cash flow and the snowman suit below.

Where Can You Locate the Snowmen in GTA 5?

Snowmen are found around the map in GTA 5. They are concentrated in the southern and western downtown areas on the map.

We created this list with a set route and numerous other alternatives. So, grab your favorite car or a helicopter if you’re daring enough, and start crossing these snowmen off your list.

  • 1st Snowman: The first snowman is at the corner of Fudge Lane and El Burro Heights Drive.
  • 2nd Snowman: The second snowman can be found in Chamberlain Hills on Alta Street.
  • 3rd Snowman: Go to Legion Square to look for the third snowman on Elgin Avenue.
  • 4th Snowman: The fourth snowman can be seen on Aguja Street near Vespucci Beach.
  • 5th Snowman: The fifth snowman can be found in the Vespucci Canals neighbourhood at South Rockford Drive and San Andreas Avenue intersection.
  • 6th Snowman: Inside the Mirror Park, you can locate it inside the house yard.
  • 7th Snowman: You must first approach the arena and then enter the park at the above area to find a Snowman.
  • 8th Snowman: Look on Power Street in the Alta region of Vinewood for the eighth snowman.
  • 9th Snowman: Go to West Eclipse Boulevard in Rockford Hills to find the next snowman.
  • 10th Snowman: Next, look at Vinewood Hills’ West Galileo Avenue.
  • 11th Snowman: The next snowman may be found on North Sheldon Avenue.
  • 12th Snowman: As you leave the metropolitan area, keep an eye out for another snowman on North Rockford Drive.
  • 13th Snowman: Another one can be found on Inseno Road if you continue north.
  • 14th Snowman: Driving further west on the map, you may find the next snowman at Buen Vino Road and Banham Canyon Drive intersection.
  • 15th Snowman: When you enter the northern area of the Vinewood Hills on the Los Santos Freeway, you will come across the next snowman.
  • 16th Snowman: The next snowman you’re hunting for can be found on Bay free Canyon Road in the Great Chaparral.
  • 17th Snowman: The next snowman awaits you in the Tongva Valley, at the junction of Tongva Drive and Zancudo Road.
  • 18th Snowman: Next, proceed along the Senora Freeway to the RON Alternates Wind Farm, where you should discover the next Snowman.
  • 19th Snowman: Travel to Grand Senora Desert and look for the next snowman on Joshua Road.
  • 20th Snowman: Go to Marina Drive on sandy shores to find the next snowman.
  • 21st Snowman: Go to the Grapeseed area for the next one. It is located on Grapeseed Main Street.
  • 22nd Snowman: The next snowman may be found in the eastern part of the map, adjacent to El Gordo Lighthouse.
  • 23rd Snowman: The next one can also be found along the Great Ocean Highway in the Chiliad Mountain State wilderness region.
  • 24th Snowman: Look for the 24th one south of Procopio Beach near the Great Ocean Highway interchange.
  • 25th Snowman: The 25th Snowman can be found in the centre of Paleto Bay’s Duluoz Avenue.


Wrapping Up!

You can destroy the snowmen with guns, fists, cars, and RPGs. After you’ve destroyed all 25 snowmen, your mission is accomplished.

You’ll be awarded $125,000 in GTA and the snowman costume for your wardrobe. You can check out  for more information on Buy GTA 5 Modded Accounts related topics in this game.

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