CSGO Prime Accounts

All the players of counter strike global offensive  have an option to upgrade to Prime Status.

When you are upgraded to prime matchmaking, you can play with other players who have prime match making

but that is only possible if you have CSGO Prime Accounts.

There are three ways to enroll in Prime match making –

Boost your PR Rank to PR21 (This would take more than 2 months)

Purchase Prime upgrade from steam store for 15$

Purchase PR21 boosted CSGO Accounts or Instant Ranked Primes from csgosmurfkings.com

What are the benefits of purchasing CSGO Prime Accounts?

The new MP5-SD Lab Rats skin is the first exclusive skin which comes along with prime, it can be obtained by

all prime account holders, it is expected that more such skins would be given.

Since Prime players are only matched with other Prime players, they can feel safer about their opponents because each of their opponent would have to invest either time or money into the game.

Introducing Prime match making is Valve’s Check Mate move to stop or at least reduce the amount of hackers in CSGO Community.

Why Buy CSGO Prime Accounts from steam at high price?

CSGO Prime upgrade can be purchased from steam store at 15$, but why would you want to shell out extra money when you can buy these prime accounts from our website CSGOSMURFKINGS.COM at a cheaper price? CSGOSMURFKINGS is one of the top and oldest seller of csgo prime accounts and we offer life time warranty on all our products.


CSGO Prime Account: FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions and simple answers to solving them.

Does CSGO Prime System give you 100% protection against hackers?

No it doesn’t. It’s not possible to say how much of a difference Prime makes to your matchmaking, but there is some sort of a advantage which is associated with CSGO Prime match making. You may still find some cheaters here and there but the amount of cheaters should reduce.

Can I upgrade multiple accounts with the same phone number?

Nope, Only one account can be upgraded with one number.

Can I change my phone number on Steam?

  • In the main Steam menu, click your profile at the top right of your screen then select “Account details”.
  • Under “Contact Info”,and then click “Manage your phone number”.
  • Enter your new phone number and click “Next”. Steam will send you an SMS containing a confirmation code. Enter it into the box to verify it. team.